Sogetsu San Jose-South Bay Branch Exciting Upcoming Events

We will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary next year! Exciting upcoming events will be announced soon.

Past Events:


Jan 19, 2019: Sogetsu Branch New Year Luncheon on 19 January at Kubota Restaurant in San Jose Japantown to celebrate the New Year by arranging New Year arrangements.

Feb 9-10, 2019: Sogetsu Branch Annual Flower Show at Miraido Village Club House San Jose with live demonstration and exhibitions.

Sep 14, 2019: Live Demonstration event –  Inspiration from North America Seminar Hawaii in May at Miraido Village Club House San Jose Japantown.



Feb 9-10, 2018: Sogetsu Branch Flower Show Workshop at Union Bank San Jose Japantown.

May 12, 2018: Branch Workshop using Unconventional materials at Miraido Village Clubhouse, San Jose Japantown.

Nov 10, 2018: Branch Event – Holiday Arrangement Demonstration event with live demonstrations on holiday ideas and arrangements.


March 11, 2017: Hanami Lunch at Kubota Restaurant in San Jose Japan Town.

May 17-18, 2017: Textbook 5 Special Training workshops on May 17th and 18th at San Jose Doubletree by Hilton hotel.


January 9 2016: New year lunch and celebration of our beloved branch founder Narimatsu sensei’s 90th birthday. Attandants made simpliflied arrangements to start the new year, and Kiwi De Voy showed us how to make her specialty wiring design.

January 23, 24 2016: Sogetsu Annual Flower Show at Milpitas Library

March 13 2016: Sogetsu branch general meeting to introduce new board members for 2016, followed by the demonstrations of one kind of a material arrangements and workshop.

June 12 2016: Sogetsu says I DO! Demonstrators: June “Kiranka” Okumoto, Martina “Kiryuku” Roethig, Gloria “Yokusei” Lee, Yali “Kirei” Tseng, Katsuko “Biko” Thielke, Kimi “Kika” Shibata

July 20 to 24 2016: Director Kika Shibata Summer Shops

  • July 20: Free style, two or more containers
  • July 21: Creative with Bamboo
  • July 22: No Kenzan arrangement, using both fresh and unconventional material
  • July 23: Intertwining plant materials
  • July 24: Ikebana expression exercise

August 26 2016: Director Kika Shibata workshop and demo at OFAD annual seminar.


January 2015: Branch Director Kika Shibata was voted into the Bunka Hall of Fame as part of the Class of 2014 for outstanding achievements and contributions to Ikebana. JAANC, also known as Hokka Nichi Bei Kai, is the oldest Japanese American Community organization and it was established in 1895.

April 2015: Sketching Techniques for Ikebana Design Workshop

July 2015: Water, Leaves, and Branches Workshop


February 2014: Director Kika Shibata’s Angel Wings Midolino Workshop Honolulu, HI

February 2014: Director Kika Shibata and her Sacramento students presented the Sogetsu “Floral Fantasy” Show to celebrate Kika Shibata’s 50 years of teaching, Sacramento, CA

May 2014: Midolino Basket making workshop led by Kika Shibata, San Jose, CA

October 2014: Sogetsu San Jose-South Bay Branch’s 25th Anniversary Event, Featuring Guest Master Instructor Tetsunori Kawana, San Jose, CA

December 2014: Branch Director Kika Shibata’s 50th Teaching Anniversary Celebration, San Jose, CA


January 2013: Annual New Year’s Lunch, San Jose, CA

March 2013: SJSBB using Unconventional Materials, San Jose, CA

April 2013: SJSBB participated in the 9th North American Sogetsu Seminar, Los Angeles, CA

December 2013: Annual “Joy of Ikebana” Flower Show, Milpitas, CA


March 2012: Demonstration by Director Kika Shibata at Ikebana International’s “Wonderful World of Ikebana,” Monterey, CA

October 2012: SJSBB participated in the Triton Museum of Art’s Fall Floral event to interpret art from Triton’s permanent collection, Santa Clara, CA

November 2012: Annual “Joy of Ikebana” Flower Show, Milpitas, CA


October 2011: Harmony with Fresh and Unconventional Materials, Featuring: Shinobu Okazaki Workshops co-sponsored by Sogetsu North America, Saratoga, CA and San Jose, CA